We don't typically schedule family photos each year--more often we have had extended family photos or newborn sessions in lieu of "traditional" family photos. ┬áThis year I wanted to see if we could pull off doing family photos on our own, with a handy remote controlling the shutter on my Nikon. So on the last… Continue reading 2018 FAMILY PHOTOS


About a year ago my brother bought his first home, which was also his first house that he was able to furnish completely himself. I was so excited when he asked me to help him with it because it's so important to make your living space reflect you and to take a house from just… Continue reading GARMATTER STREET PROJECT


Recently, I looked around our home and got a pit of anxiety in my stomach. Was it a wreck? Did I suddenly realize I didn't like any of what we own? Was I concerned that someone coming over was going to mess it up with their beloved children? Was I worried what other people would… Continue reading THE PROBLEM OF SELF-SABOTAGE


Three weeks ago I decided to finally do it and start this blog. Our life has slowed dramatically with this new season, and I felt like we had struck a good rhythm of work/home life. I was ready to pour new energy into something that I am excited about and had that good anxiousness that… Continue reading JULY REFLECTION