Wreath making is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. Nothing beats fresh greenery when everything outside has gone dormant for the winter, and it’s a great way to get your friends or family together to make something that’s simple and beautiful (these would also make great gifts!). Last year I picked up a gold macabre ring for a more modern take on a holiday wreath, so I pulled it out again this year to use with the magnolia leaves I picked up.

What you will need:

  • 10″ or 14″ gold macabre ring (I buy mine from here)
  • Floral tape (pick up at a Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or here)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Your choice of fresh or faux greenery


I have a 10″ and 14″ ring, but for the magnolia leaves, I went with the 14″ because of their size.


First, lay out your greenery to get a rough idea of how you want the finished product to look & where large stems can be anchored.


I only used two magnolia stems for this wreath; I first placed them where I wanted, removed leaves toward the bottom of the stem (& set them aside), and trimmed the excess stem. Once the large stems were in place, I arranged the spare magnolia leaves to fill in gaps.


Once you have your layout, attach the larger stems with floral tape (a little goes a long way), wrapping tightly as you go. You will want to hold your wreath upright to make sure that the stems are secure–if there is any place that the stems are falling or twisting, secure with more floral tape. I used tape at the middle & top of my stems.


Next, use hot glue to place small leaves or branches to fill in any gaps/holes in your wreath.


You can use this method to attach any kind of greenery–the first time I made this, I simply went around our yard & found random evergreen branches to use:


Here is the finished magnolia wreath. I love the color & texture of magnolia leaves; they also hold their shape as they dry & don’t make the mess that evergreen branches do.


There are still two weeks until Christmas, so gather your friends & family, pour the coffee or wine, and make beautiful wreaths together!






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