Our small Craftsman is a 3 bedroom house, but the third bedroom is more akin to a generously sized closet. It is the exact same size as the upstairs bath with a closet nearly the size of the room. It doesn’t lend for much besides a small bed or to be used as storage. When we moved in, this is what we were working with:


Once Cohen was born, we painted the walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore, gave the trim a fresh coat of paint & replaced the light fixture. Otherwise, we haven’t touched this room. Here is where it currently stands:


Cute and cozy, but in our small house this has become a bit of wasted space–the kids never play in here, there is poor storage, and it’s really just a place for Cohen to sleep.


Per usual, a few days ago I had this idea that would not rest until I saw it through. Tyler and I both could really use an office space (with a door) & although my little office corner in our bedroom is cute, we are usually interrupted by little hands.

DSC_0189 2

So, I thought: what if the kids shared a room, and we converted Cohen’s room into an office? (this also means that the kids are now sharing a room. TBD how it’s going to work out) I got out my measuring tape (and as fate would have it) the two Ikea shelving units down in our dining room fit perfectly, with adequate space for my desk. From there, I hit the point of no return.

First things first, the carpet needed to come out. The carpet isn’t old but it wasn’t in great shape. This is the only room in the house that has carpet, and with any old house, I assumed it was probably hiding something.


Once I got to the hardwood (after 2 layers of old vinyl) I also found the water damaged floors. They are salvageable but will take some work–which is what we will be doing this weekend.



An old house usually comes with surprises, and this was a good one! Underneath the last layer of vinyl, the floor was covered in newspapers from 1935–including the Toledo Blade, Bluffton News & The Lima News. So cool.


After hauling out the old flooring & giving the room a good cleaning, we moved everything in and got it organized. Now, this is our new view from the hallway. I love it!


The shelving makes this super small (7.5′ x 6′) room feel much bigger than it is, and they really utilize the space well.


I have had this bulletin board in my closet for 2 years with no place to go, and I am so excited to finally be able to hang it.


We will tackle the floors & closet to this room over the weekend, but so far I am really happy with the way this room is fitting together. Now, onto the dining room (again) since I stripped it of all it’s furniture, and fingers crossed that the kids can sleep in the same room without turning all of our lives upside down!




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