We don’t typically schedule family photos each year–more often we have had extended family photos or newborn sessions in lieu of “traditional” family photos.  This year I wanted to see if we could pull off doing family photos on our own, with a handy remote controlling the shutter on my Nikon. So on the last day of beautiful fall foliage, we got all dressed up, loaded up the kids, brought our velvet settee into the woods, set the camera on a tripod & started clicking. For the most part, it worked well (except for the typical almost-2-year-old antics) and we were able to get some good pictures out of it. The kids had fun getting to use the remote and it was less stressful than relying on a photographer while apologetically trying to get your kids to sit & smile. I love the candid shots that we captured which so accurately describes this season that we are in.

Out of 120+ pictures, we were able to get one solitary photo with all of us in it, looking happy with no children crying — and I am thrilled. Enjoy the outtakes and the few good moments we captured.


I ordered our Christmas cards for this year from Minted & they turned out beautifully. I think sending Christmas cards feels extra personal lately since we do so much our interaction over social media, email & phone. This is (the) one thing I have done each year since the kids were born. I love it!


Happy Holidays & an early Merry Christmas from the Mackes!



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