About a year ago my brother bought his first home, which was also his first house that he was able to furnish completely himself. I was so excited when he asked me to help him with it because it’s so important to make your living space reflect you and to take a house from just walls, floors, and doors to home–and I wanted to help him do just that.

His house is a cute older home with a lot of potential: great natural light, hardwood floors, decent layout, and cute curb appeal in a mature neighborhood. No major renovation was necessary to transform his living room–it just needed the right elements to set-off the room’s greatest features and reflect the personality of my brother who lives there.




DSC_0309DSC_0284DSC_0298DSC_0281 2

This is the first room that greets you as you walk in the door and it does a good job of setting the tone for Clay’s home. He is drawn to a 70’s, mid-century mod aesthetic; I didn’t want the whole room to look like we just bought everything with a tapered leg, so we mixed in other elements to off-set the mid-century modern style without going overboard. I think the room is a good balance.

DSC_0306 2DSC_0324DSC_0326

This room has the best natural light, and I love that the dark colors in the furniture do not feel heavy against the bright backdrop of the room.


We kept the entry simple with some extra storage and a place to drop your keys.


Whenever you use an ottoman as a coffee table, I like to put a tray down to support drinks and collect coasters, books or remotes.


Not bad for a bachelor pad, right?


Happy Tuesday!





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