Our living room is finished! It has sat half-finished for months & I am so glad that it feels pulled together now. The endless furniture shuffle in this house may finally be over!

Let’s start at the beginning: when we moved in, this room had faux-tin ceiling tiles, very yellow walls, lots of dark woodwork & no overhead lighting. To be fair, the previous owners had already done some work to update this room from when they first moved in, but the room still felt very dark despite all of the natural light that pours in from the 3 windows. IMG_2057IMG_1107IMG_1163

The first thing we did was spray the ceiling white & paint the walls Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (if we are here long enough we will probably tear the ceiling out since those ceiling tiles are hiding another layer of ceiling tiles + furring strips + cracking plaster, and I can’t stand that fact. But it doesn’t look too bad as-is).


From there, the purpose of this room has went through quite the transition in the two years we have lived here. First, we tried using it as a playroom for the kids (also pre-painted built-in):


That was a terrible use of limited space in this house, and Lena was never in there unless we were in there with her. So we moved our TV in, along with this cabinet that Tyler built for me. If you know us, that cabinet is like a testament to the miracle that we are still married–we argued so much while he built it, it was just ridiculous. And now, it’s not even in the house. Hahaha…oh, the irony. I definitely had to admit defeat on that one (I pray Tyler can laugh about it now). I don’t know if we will ever build furniture again as a project, and I’m ok with that!


I love this big, beautiful cabinet. But it was always just too big for our house. When I had to move our 90″ linen sofa into this room, the whole space felt tight & over-stuffed with large furniture no matter how I arranged it. So, sadly, the big, beautiful, fought-while-we-built-it cabinet is now in our garage & will hopefully find a place in our next house.

So out went the cabinet, and with some shuffling around, I found the sweet spot. Here is what the room looks like today (all sources are linked at the bottom of this post):DSC_0204DSC_0192DSC_0201DSC_0200.jpg

I eventually found a good layout for this room & now I love it. There is a lot to work around: a radiator right beneath the 3 windows, a small door that leads to the kitchen & the large built in that divides this room from the front room. Typically I avoid lining my walls with furniture, but in this room, I really like having a couch in that nook where the windows are & the rest of the furniture against the walls. It makes the room feel as big as possible and actually fits a good amount of seating (if I could have a do-over, I would probably order a custom sectional for this room. That sounds like a lot of couch for a small room, but I honestly think that would be the absolute best use of the space).


This sofa is like a bed. It’s huge, with one long bench cushion that’s filled with a mix of foam & down, allowing you to sink into it without looking too sloppy. It’s covered in a washable slipcover which is a necessity in our house. And because it’s so big, I can fill it with pillows & you don’t have to throw them on the floor to sit on the couch, which is a win in my book!DSC_0212DSC_0235DSC_0236

The club chairs are from West Elm & I have been so happy with their quality. They’re a modest size while still comfortable enough to curl up in.


We hung these plug-in sconces with fabric shades on either side of the couch & I love their functionality and design. Because this room does not have overhead lighting, it requires more than one lamp to light the room. And because they are not directional lighting, they give off a generous amount of light and my kids can’t knock them off a table (unlike the floor lamp, which Cohen just knocked over today).


The large cabinet was replaced with an IKEA storage unit that still offers a good amount of storage for the kids’ toys & books.

DSC_0196 2.jpg

The round side table was a $60 Craiglist find that fits the room perfectly, and it’s traditional Mission style fits in with our Craftsman home really well.


Here you can see the way this room flows with the rest of the house.

DSC_0213 2DSC_0219.jpgDSC_0198

This is easily my favorite room of the house. This is where we hang out with the kids the most, where Ty & I cozy up after a long day– and I just can’t resist the sunshine that pours in every afternoon.


It has taken two years of re-arranging, selling furniture, buying new & tweaking to get this room to a place where I am happy with it. I easily forget that intentionally designing a room takes time.

Next week I will share our finished dining room, which I am so excited for (you can subscribe in the right-hand sidebar & receive an email anytime I publish a post!). Happy Wednesday, everybody!




SOURCES:  wall sconces // sofa // rug (similar) // coffee table // club chairs // floor lamp // wall art // media console // gilded side table // oak pedestal table (vintage) // curtain panels // bamboo shades // pillows from Etsy and McGee & Co.

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