When we moved into our current home, the previous owners had updated the upstairs bath shortly before we moved in. However, it did not fit our family’s style (too dark) or needs (not enough storage), so a few months ago we updated it & it has been functioning beautifully since. It is right off of the “master” bedroom upstairs, so I wanted to keep it feeling more serene, refined & special. Our kids get to use it now but when the downstairs eventually has a tub, that will become the “kid bath.” This bathroom has a wall of windows that make it the brightest room in the house-I love it.





Right when we started, I had the inclination to tear everything out & start over. The bathroom is small so it couldn’t be that big of a project, right? (insert Tyler lovingly rolling his eyes) The tile & plumbing fixtures for the tub were like new (plus the sprayer mounts to the wall & can be used as a shower) and the previous owners had put up the tile paneling to keep moisture from the tub off the walls. So we decided to do a quick, budget remodel to help this bathroom flow with the rest of the house & save our big bath remodel for downstairs (which will hopefully happen this winter or spring). We gave the trim a good caulking, a fresh coat of paint (BM Simple White) to match the rest of the house, and brightened up the walls with BM Classic Gray.

Before we even closed on the house, I bought this antique vanity because I knew I wanted to use it in this bathroom eventually. Tyler sealed the top so that it is waterproof & fitted it with a vessel sink & faucet. Both drawers are functional & have ample storage for towels and toiletries–we use the basket underneath for bathtub toys.

I love these sconces–they give off soft lighting & feel upscale.
DSC_0276 2

Something I was stumped on for a while was working with the existing tub fixtures. The light bronze finish is not something I would have chosen, and it was difficult to match unless I wanted to spend hundreds on a sink faucet. So I decided to mix metals between the vanity & tub, and I think it worked out pretty well.


The original clawfoot tub is one of my favorite parts of this bath.


I waited a while to put art in here because I couldn’t commit to anything I was finding online. I ended up pulling these pages out of some books that I already had, and I love the result.


01// Sconces  02// Rug  03// Vessel sink  04// Vessel sink faucet  05// Extra-long shower curtain  06// Bath accessories  07// Tub faucet  08// Oval shower curtain rod  09// Matchstick holder  10//  Mirror  11// Vanity (vintage)  12// Art (thrifted)





  1. Hey Lauren,
    I love your method of finding art. Could you discuss how you framed the one on the bottom? I would love to try this in our bathroom remodel


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